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Part VI: Many thanks to...

Special recognition to friends and "campadres..."

I have particularly fond memories of the bands I played with in the Sixties and Seventies.

Not only do I enjoy the memories of the touring days in Germany and Europe, but other bands and personalities come to mind.

The Budd Company: See 'Photo Gallery'
"Budd Company"
For example, teaming up with beauty-queen Porche C. Moore in 1967 to form the “Budd Company” was very special, as was playing with the fine Brazilian band “Made in Brazil” in 1973. Made in Brazil: See 'Photo Gallery'
"Made in Brazil"
The Eighties brought in a whole other set of great musicians and personal friends.
Jammin' with Ricky: See 'Photo Gallery'
Jammin' with Ricky
My long-term friend, fellow ‘Brit’ Ricky Carrick, played with me on-an-off for several years with various bands. He was the one who arranged the Club Med gigs, and I can’t count the pitchers of Guinness Stout he and I consumed in those years. (Ricky passed away in 2001, and is missed by me and his other musician friends.) CB Quartet: See 'Photo Gallery'
"CB Quartet"
Jimmy Butler was, and is, a very fine Irish Tenor, and playing with him and the "Chicago Irish Express" has been great, great fun. Jimmy has a voice that just won’t quit, and he’s been a great friend over the years.
Jack and Pete: See 'Photo Gallery'
Jack and Pete

P.C. Budd Quartet: See 'Photo Gallery'
"P.C. Budd Quartet"

One person who I must mention is my long-time friend Jack Schultz. It was he who pushed me to finish my first album. If it wasn’t for Jack, it would be still in the thought phase. And it was Jack who set up this web site as a “tribute and biography”, and I owe him a lot.

(NOTE from 'Jack the Webmaster': The REAL reason I did these things is because Peter is holding my mother hostage inside an abandoned warehouse near Istanbul Turkey...)

Actually, he’s the one who taught me my “chops” when I moved back to Chicago to take up electric bass and guitar. And, he taught me to fully appreciate gory horror movies like “Dawn of the Dead”. He, indeed, has much to answer for...)

And, of course, the one person who has been with me from almost the beginning is my wife, Kitty. Without her support – and patience! – I could not have continued pursuing my musical “odyssey” all these years.
My wife Kitty
My wife Kitty

What goes around, comes around...
Teaching others to play and enjoy the instrument that has been a focal point in my life is probably the best way of repaying all the people who have helped me learn the guitar.

Some of my students over the years have been: Gayle Sayers (the former Chicago Bears great running back), Charles Walton (former Band Director for Malcolm X College), Mickey Johnson (from the Chicago Bulls), Fenton Robinson (blues guitarist), Billy Boy Arnold (the great blues harmonica player), Bill Meyers (one of the greatest keyboardists I have ever heard), and many other famous musicians.

I am honored to be part of their musical experience!

And I am equally honored to have shared so many of my musical experiences with so many fine people.

Thanks to all of them!

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